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Meet the PetWell Partners Team

We Are Passionately Dedicated to Happy, Healthy Pets

At PetWell Partners, we are proud to provide premium care to animals throughout the United States, but we couldn’t do it without a hardworking, passionate team. We believe that our network of veterinary hospitals and veterinarians is the best of the best. Each of our team members brings extensive experience and unique strengths that together make our animal health care network a provider of top-quality care.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our hospitals to ensure we’re supporting happy, healthy pets. From our home office in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, we take painstaking efforts to minimize our clinics’ administrative burdens every single day.

Check out some of our team members below. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

  • Bobo  Photo

    Bobo Office Dog Houston, TX

  • Ashley Ardoin Photo

    Ashley Ardoin Practice Manager Houston, TX

  • Mikel Athon, DVM Photo

    Mikel Athon, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Jen Battle Photo

    Jen Battle Talent Acquisition Houston, TX

  • Renee Bazan, DVM Photo

    Renee Bazan, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Huey Beckham Jr, DVM Photo

    Huey Beckham Jr, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Wendy Bray, DVM Photo

    Wendy Bray, DVM Medical Director Edmond, OK

  • Whitney Bridwell Photo

    Whitney Bridwell Human Resources Houston, TX

  • Cristina Carballo, DVM Photo

    Cristina Carballo, DVM Medical Director Austin, TX

  • Sandy Carter Photo

    Sandy Carter Partnerships Mid-Atlantic

  • Adrienne Coronado Photo

    Adrienne Coronado Operations Arizona

  • Travis Crisman Photo

    Travis Crisman Operations South Texas

  • Chris Dale-Margeson Photo

    Chris Dale-Margeson Operations Purcellville, VA

  • Brittany Davis, DVM Photo

    Brittany Davis, DVM Medical Director Payson, AZ

  • Bill DeWitt, DVM Photo

    Bill DeWitt, DVM Principal Houston, TX

  • Randall Felts, DVM Photo

    Randall Felts, DVM Medical Director Seattle, WA

  • Jessica Flores Photo

    Jessica Flores Operations South Texas

  • Tyler Foreman, DVM Photo

    Tyler Foreman, DVM Transitions Dallas, TX

  • Briawn Franklin Photo

    Briawn Franklin Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Melissa Freis Photo

    Melissa Freis Operations North Texas

  • Eric French Photo

    Eric French Finance Houston, TX

  • Krista Fuld Photo

    Krista Fuld Practice Manager Dallas, TX

  • Amy Garrison Photo

    Amy Garrison Finance Houston, TX

  • Lauren Gates Photo

    Lauren Gates Partnerships Houston, TX

  • Arnetta Gibbs Photo

    Arnetta Gibbs Finance Houston, TX

  • Casey Green Photo

    Casey Green Operations Dallas, TX

  • Nancy Hall, DVM Photo

    Nancy Hall, DVM Medical Director Purcellville, VA

  • Michael Hart Photo

    Michael Hart Technology Houston, TX

  • Jessica Haydon Photo

    Jessica Haydon Practice Manager Manassas, VA

  • Susan Hopper, DVM Photo

    Susan Hopper, DVM Clinical Director Austin, TX

  • Tamara Johnson, DVM Photo

    Tamara Johnson, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Emily Johnston, DVM Photo

    Emily Johnston, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Breanna Karasick Photo

    Breanna Karasick Practice Manager Dallas, TX

  • Armon Khorrami Photo

    Armon Khorrami Partnerships Houston, TX

  • Angie Koellner Photo

    Angie Koellner Practice Manager Seattle, WA

  • Michael Longoni, DVM Photo

    Michael Longoni, DVM Medical Director

    Seattle, WA

  • Tanya Lopez-White, DVM Photo

    Tanya Lopez-White, DVM Medical Director Scottsdale, AZ

  • Anita Maguire Photo

    Anita Maguire Transitions Dallas, TX

  • Tammy Mahoney Photo

    Tammy Mahoney Practice Manager Houston, TX

  • Joseph Marshall Photo

    Joseph Marshall Operations Pacfic Northwest

  • LaRae Mason, DVM Photo

    LaRae Mason, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Elissa McCollor, DVM Photo

    Elissa McCollor, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Lisa McFaddin, DVM Photo

    Lisa McFaddin, DVM Medical Director Manassas, VA

  • Crystal Mena Photo

    Crystal Mena Practice Manager Austin, TX

  • Timothy Miller, DVM Photo

    Timothy Miller, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Dyana Mitchell, DVM Photo

    Dyana Mitchell, DVM Medical Director Montclair, VA

  • Malantus Moore, DVM Photo

    Malantus Moore, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Megan Murphy-Peinado, DVM Photo

    Megan Murphy-Peinado, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • David Murvin Photo

    David Murvin Co-Founder Houston, TX

  • Gerardo Navas, DVM Photo

    Gerardo Navas, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Dana Nelson, DVM Photo

    Dana Nelson, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Samantha Olde Photo

    Samantha Olde Operations North Texas

  • Angie Olnhausen Photo

    Angie Olnhausen Practice Manager Dallas, TX

  • Kenneth Osborne, DVM Photo

    Kenneth Osborne, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Robin Paddock, DVM Photo

    Robin Paddock, DVM Clinical Director Houston, TX

  • Laura Patrick Photo

    Laura Patrick Partnerships Houston, TX

  • Natalie Poe Photo

    Natalie Poe Practice Manager Houston, TX

  • Jocelyn Pratt Photo

    Jocelyn Pratt Blood Bank Manager Purcellville, VA

  • Seon Radix, DVM Photo

    Seon Radix, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Christina Rasco Photo

    Christina Rasco Practice Manager Dallas, TX

  • Rodney Robards, DVM Photo

    Rodney Robards, DVM Medical Director Tulsa, OK

  • Anne Romeo, DVM Photo

    Anne Romeo, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Michelle Sanders-Truelsen, DVM Photo

    Michelle Sanders-Truelsen, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Liza Shadrin Photo

    Liza Shadrin Marketing Houston, TX

  • Mark E Silberman, DVM Photo

    Mark E Silberman, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Victoria Skoog, DVM Photo

    Victoria Skoog, DVM Medical Director Gettysburg, PA

  • Courtney Smith, DVM Photo

    Courtney Smith, DVM Medical Director Houston, TX

  • Phi Sproat Photo

    Phi Sproat Operations Mid-Atlantic

  • Chris Stern Photo

    Chris Stern Operations North Texas / Oklahoma

  • David Strauss Photo

    David Strauss Co-Founder Houston, TX

  • Debbie Totah Photo

    Debbie Totah Talent Acquisition Houston, TX

  • Preston Turano, DVM Photo

    Preston Turano, DVM Medical Director Portland, OR

  • Tom Waguespack Photo

    Tom Waguespack Operations Houston, TX

  • Jessica Weitzel Photo

    Jessica Weitzel Practice Manager Houston, TX

  • N. Carolyn Wicker, DVM Photo

    N. Carolyn Wicker, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Gregory Wied, DVM Photo

    Gregory Wied, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Laura Wiles, DVM Photo

    Laura Wiles, DVM Medical Director Dallas, TX

  • Roger Zinn Photo

    Roger Zinn Operations South Texas